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" Hi Warren, Thanks again for spending so much time with me yesterday, it was the most incredible golf lesson I ever had! You are very observant, noticing things without the use of video and were able relay the information to me in a way that I could understand. Thanks again!"

      - Dave Mitchell
" Hi Warren, I wanted to thank you for my lesson last Monday, I enjoyed it thoroughly. You are an angel for your patience! I also wanted you to know that it was a direct contributing factor to this past weekend in which I won our ladies club championship at Mississippi. I also had one of my lowest rounds in years with a score of 76 (3 over). Something to be proud of! See you soon, "

      - Dianne Illingworth
" Warren, I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your lessons and how much I feel I am finally understanding what I need to do to improve my golf swing.

Your teaching skills are excellent. I have had 5 other instructors over the past 7 years but your teaching methods are the best. Your analysis of my weaknesses or areas needing improvement are bang on. Your patience, your explanations, your demonstrations of what should be and your ability to breakdown each step of the swing to make it easier to understand are phenomenal.

I have gotten more out of 3 sessions with you than 7 lessons I had last year with another Instructor.

I look forward to continuing the learning experience with you."

      - Joanne MacDonald
" Warren,
Roy and I really enjoyed our first 3 lessons and we certainly have learned a lot about the golf swing. We would like to continue with our lessons with in the new year. "

      - Tom
" Hi Warren. i just wanted to say thanks again for a great golf clinic at the indoor golf dome this past winter. It was nice to see that in our group session you were able to personalize the instruction for each participant depending upon our body types and abilities. I have kept hitting balls as you showed me and really feel the improvement. I am so looking forward to hitting the links this spring. And I will be looking for you around the courses and am sure to return for a few more instructional sessions. Thanks again for your patience and great teaching! "
      - Mark Cayer
" Hello Warren, I wanted to send you an email and thank you for the instruction you gave my son yesterday he did say that technically that was the best lesson he has had and that he was pleasantly surprised that he enjoyed it (even though he is not very talkative)."
      - Jeremie Paulin
" Warren, Thank you for the superb golf coaching last night. I stuck around the range after the clinic and hit a few dozen balls using the ones just lying around. My driving had improved quite a bit based just on what we worked on. Will you be offering a follow up clinic or lessons? I donít want to loose any of the gained momentum."
      - Rob
" Warren, I went to the driving range today and tried to follow your guidance. I was more consistent than ever before, hit the ball with authority most of the time and was very pleased with my swing. Not perfect yet, but I`m really pleased. Thank you."
      - David Polk
" Warren, I want to start by saying thanks for the wonderful clinic. My drives were so inconsistent in distance and accuracy that I had stopped using a driver and had started relying on a 3 wood. After practicing the techniques that you gave us at the clinic and from the wonderful notes that you supplied, I now consistently drive between 60 to 100 yards further and they are considerably more accurate than before. The only complaint that I have is, now I have divots in my backyard."
      - Michael Sutcliffe
" I have taken lots of lessons....actually quite a few but have never had anyone explain how the golf swing works.Your method makes it possible to actually have some improvement. I have never continued with other pros because I did not understand what they were trying to teach me. Your teaching made a lot of sense and I would like to continue on some type of program that will improve my swing. I am a 14 handicap and have been that for the last 7 years............I want to get better."
      - Joe Moore
"Warren will improve your game. His indepth knowledge of the golf swing, his expert eye and passion for teaching will turn your dreams of winning into reality. I am on my third year of working with Warren and I continue to improve and WIN!"
      - Roger Beale, 2003 Winner Ottawa Zone Golf Professional Championship
"I believe this is the most effective and efficient golf instruction available. Warren has reached not into the foundamentals of golf, but cuts to the very foundation of the golf swing and explains the elements simply and clearly. He shows you how to adapt to them and incorporate such fundamentals into your swing."
      - D Henderson
"I was absolutely excited and completely happy with the quality of instruction and my personal experience at Warren's Total Golf teaching facility. After doing 5 sessions with Warren, I left hitting the ball better than I ever have before. I was a 12 handicap in the past and now I am a 4 handicap. It is so exciting to know exactly what adjustments to make when a shot is not perfect so you can fix it on the very next swing"
      - D. Burns
"My short game is dramatically improved - I really have confidence in my chipping and pitching. I am not hitting them thin or fat anymore, especially with my lob wedge."
      - Andy Norman
"Warren is a great teacher. He is clear and his examples are great. More importantly, when I wasn't getting the point, Warren would seek ways to make it clear to me, looking for language and examples I would understand, rather than simple repeating what I didn't understand. If something didn't work with me, he would try something else until he found the right combination. He is very patient."
      - J. Gallant
"I have found Warren to be unique in his understanding and approach to the golf swing. Warren has helped me move from a too fast, flailing, over the top swing to an on plane, solid swing. Simply put, I am a much better golfer since working with Warren. I strongly recommend Warren to golfers desiring better."
      - Chris Simpson
"When I first started playing golf, I had no idea where the ball would end up every time I took a swing - I typically shot 150 or higher (excluding mulligans). I took a few lessons from another local instructor but it made no difference. During that first winter, I started taking lessons from Warren and in June I hit a 94. Now when I play a round of golf, I enjoy it instead of feeling frustrated!"
      - Ken Forsythe