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The Story

Not too Long I promise

I’ve had a keen interest in golf since the early 90’s. I would only watch and marvel back in those days as I struggled to get to grips with playing the game. I had always been a baseball man and would only watch the major golf tournaments when they were being broadcast. As I said above, I had always struggled to get to grips with the way the game was played. I guess looking back the worst thing was getting people who don’t play or understand golf properly to try and explain how its played to you. I had a lot of friends who would try and play golf, but they were more drawn to hitting the ball as hard as they could. They knew the bare basics, but not enough to complete a game properly. So, you can imagine how unhelpful getting advice from these guys was.

1997 Master's

If we rewind to 1997. At the masters and Tiger Woods was playing his first game as a professional. I was watching the game at home with those annoying friends I told you about earlier. Tiger had a pretty crappy first round only managing to shoot a front-nine 40. This however was the only mess he made over the week.

He completed three rounds of 66-65-69 and showed the golfing world what he is all about. After watching that masters season I decided to start taking playing a bit more seriously. I knew I wasn’t going to become pro, or better yet the next Tiger Woods. But I was willing to push as far as I could to at least learn the game in explicit detail.

A few months passed after the Masters and I decided to begin the journey of becoming a golfer. I started off by just reading as much as I could on the subject, after all I do love a good book. If I can remember clearly I read Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons, Golf for Dummies by Gary McCord & John Huggan, and Golf Dreams: Writings on Golf. There were many others but these three books managed to help me begin the cementing process of the core values and elements to playing golf. As well as give a deeper understanding of the game overall.

The Late 90's onwards

I continued to play into the year 2000 on wards and had a big facination with golf gear like most golfers and found myself spending alot much on different kinds of gear. I then decided to see if I could start a project with my step son, who happens to be a web designer. He was more than willing to help as it would be good for his portfolio. So we then decided to start this website.

I decided to start Warrens Total Golf mainly to help golfers avoid making the mistakes I did when buying online. I also wanted this to become a repository of educational information for every kind of golfer ranging from experienced to just starting out. It’s taken a while to get the site to this point. But we are here now.

That’s the short version, I will have to tell you the long version another time:)