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Before you can fully understand what a good  Average Amature Golf Score is, you better take time to get yourself more familiar with the golf game first, especially if you are just starting out with this game. Golf is widely known as an open-field type of game where golfers play their golf ball into the hole through the use of different kinds of golf clubs. I have gone through this a few times on this site. Check out the golf tips section for more. So without furthermore lets find out more about the avaerage amature golf score.

According to Golfweek, the golf gear you will need are a full set of golf clubs, golf balls, golf shoes, and golf bags to say the least. The main objective of the golf game is completing the holes through playing the golf ball from teeing ground to the putting green’s hole and in the least number of strokes possible. One “round of golf” includes playing about 18 holes.

Playing golf is never complete without the golf scores.  These scores depend on every hole played and the total number of holes that were played in around. To understand what a good average amature golf score is you have to understand how golf scoring works. A Golf scoring system depends on every hole played, and all holes played during the round. Golf scoring system actually varies than that of the majority of sports wherein the higher score is declared to be the winner.  Every course has a corresponding number referred to as par, representing the score the skilled golfer will shoot.

The Overall Scoring

Every hole in the golf course commonly 9 or 18 holes has its designated par score. The par score of a course is said to be the summation of all the par scores for every hole. Furthermore, every hole was given its own par score. Par refers to the total number of shots categorized as an even score.

Taking for instance, a par five hole significantly requires the golf player to successfully hit 5 shots from tee box up to the cup so that par score can be attained. For the majority of 18-hole courses, par score usually ranges from 70-72 and comes with par-4 holes for the most part.

The remaining holes would be the par-5 or the par-3 holes. Golf tournament scoring depends typically on stroke play wherein each shot counts as a single stroke. The score of the player is expressed based on a number of strokes over and under the par score. The golfer who successfully a 65 score on the par-72 course is minus 7 or 7 under par.

If a golfer shoots 80, it’s plus 8 or 8 over par. The player who scores 72 is even. It would be best to be below par than over. Nevertheless, the score can be relative to your personal goals or competition level. Lets continue learning about the average amature golf score. 

What’s the Average Score in Golf?

handicap score card

While numerous expert golf players can hope to shoot rounds during the 60s usually, or on an awful day in mid-70s, average amateur golfer, for the most part, is in for a long day. While it tends to be disappointing to see your strokes adding up, it seems reasonable that a golf player taking more strokes for every round pays less for every stroke for his own round. Thats why it is important to understand  how to calculate your average amature golf score. 

Average or Normal Score?

As this game has developed, golf innovation has developed and grown significantly as well. Enhanced golf club plans, bigger and progressively precise drivers and even the development of new clubs, particularly the hybrids, have made this game simpler to play. But then, the normal score for a novice golf player still floats around the 100-stroke mark from one year to another. Thats why taking attention to understand how to correctly measure your average amature golf score is highly important. 

The Course Factor

great course for an amature golfer

While the normal score for novices might be 100, it’s not the average score for an average amateur golfer. A few courses play a lot harder than the others. To figure out the expected average score on a specific course, it really helps to clarify and better understand how the slope and the course ratings really work.

The Course Rating

The course rating is equivalent to the score expected of a scratch golf player playing a series of golf on a course from a given tees sets; which means various arrangements of tees have diverse course ratings. The rating over the course’s standard or par is an indication that a scratch golf player is expected to essentially play over par whereas the lower rating implies a scratch golf player must break par.  As you can see, you really need to pay attention when learning how to calculate your average amature golf score. 


The Slope Rating

Slope Rating Explained

Slope rating pertains to the rating showing the relative difficulty an competitor golf player on a specific course, contrasted with the average scratch score of the amature golf player. The rating was named so on the grounds that it depicts the slope of the line going through the golfer’s expected scores in the Y-axis and the handicaps on X-axis.

In case of an average slope of 113, it implies an extra 1.13 strokes as expected per one point of the handicap difference. It is for this reason that in an average 113 slope course, the competing golfer is expected to eventually lose to an amature golf player by 21 or by 20 strokes.

Finding the Expected Average

In finding the normal score in one course, the slope and rating from the tees played are utilized. The distinction between the expected score of average amature golf player and the normal score of scratch golf player in an average course, which means a course with a standard par and 72 ratings and slope of 113 is actually  28 strokes which are also equivalent to an average golf player’s 100 less the scratch’s 72. This demonstrates that average golf players attain a number of strokes equivalent to the slopes and then multiplied by.2477.

For instance, in a course with 70.8 ratings and 130 slopes, an average golf player is relied upon to lose by around 32.20 strokes, and average scratch golf player is assumed to shoot 70.8.  This makes the average amateur golf score for course 103 strokes.



To be able to determine where one stands among the amateur golfers, generally speaking, it pays to know the average handicap for men and women alike.The average male golf player is around 16.1 handicap whereas the female is 28.9 handicaps.

Do the amateur golfers really win money? An amature player who wins golf tournament can win a price provided that the value is about $750 or even less. The USGA Rule 3 to 2, the Prize Money enables amateurs to contend in different events as well as be able to win amazing prizes like free golf equipment vouchers. These amateurs are also allowed to keep prizes that exceed the $750 limit for successfully winning the hole in one. This is according to USGA.    

Well, I hope you have a better understanding of an avarage amature golf score and what goes into calculating it. 

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