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What is Golf Ball Compression?

Golf ball compressions are defined as the density of the golf ball, delivering impacts on the golf ball’s lift and flight. Such density can be measured by means of the threads’ tightness within the golf ball. The compression of the ball can be lowered if the threads are more loosely applied. Being hit by the club makes the golf ball compressed. The softer the ball can become, the lower the compression will be. You have probably heard about low compression golf balls being talked as softballs for golf.

golf ball compression

There are times that these golf balls come with a particular rating. If a ball is rated below 80, then it is considered a low compression ball. There are actually different types of golf balls, and one of these types is low compression golf balls to purchase. Just like the other golf balls, these low compression golf balls also come with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. By using low compression balls, long distances can be attained along with the augmented spin rate. There are likewise soft compression balls for golfing that provide more feel and better and also more control during shorter shots play in the green. To learn more about the different types of golf ball go here.

Unveiling the Different Low Compression Balls Types

There are numerous low-compression balls that you can readily find for sale. But for easy access, you can just search and shop online. Aside from easier access, you are also guaranteed with the hassle-free and convenient shopping experience.

The following are types of low compression golf balls that you can usually see for sale in various stores, particularly online:

2-Piece Low Compression Golf Balls

These types are specially designed to decrease the spin and to maximize the distance. These are also considered the first line of benefits you can get from these types of low compression balls for golfing. If you‘re starting out as a golfer and you desire to gain more distance as possible from the tee nonetheless, minimize the sidespin to avoid slice shot, then it would be best to choose these 2-Piece Low Compression Golf Balls. These types are expected to last stronger and longer but cost less. These types of low compression balls are the best types for beginners to start with.

Urethane Low Compression Golf Ball

Urethane Low Compression Golf Ball

If you are after more control; however, you’ve got slower swing speed, your excellent choice would be low compression golf balls which include urethane cover. Nevertheless, these are costly than the 2-piece compression balls and known to have a shelf life that is shorter than the other types

3-Piece Low Compression Golf Balls

callway 3 peice low compression golf ball

This type does not really provide a similar distance off the tee; however, delivers more control. 3-Piece Low Compression Golf Balls are particularly geared towards helping new golfers improve and also assist those who wanted additional spins primarily on the iron shot, however, already found contentment and happiness with the distance they have from the river. In case slower swing speed is what you have but categorized yourself as a great golfer, you should settle for 3-Piece Low Compression Golf Balls. This comes with soft and quality rubber core which is proven excellent for distance. Urethane cover tends to deliver more spin and feel around the green.

What Can You Really Expect from Low Compression Golf Balls

What can possibly be the reasons to play these low compression golf balls? If you would have read my best golf ball for an amateur golfer article. You would have noticed that alot of the golf ball i chose are low compression golf balls. There might be a lot of choices available out there. If you have finally decided to use low compression golf balls, the following are essential points that you can expect and enjoy:

Added Distance

golf ball with added distance

It is no longer a surprise to see this point on your list. In most instances, golfers make their decision depending on the events taking place in their environment to assist them in choosing distance. In connection with this, numerous players pursue these types of golf balls considering the yardage they might obtain.

And because it is ultimately simpler compress the balls, you need to have seamless and hassle-free time to send the balls down beyond the fairway.  Nevertheless, drives flying further cannot happen automatically, as there are numerous factors with roles to play. One effective way to make sure that these particular low compression balls will help you in picking up the yards is actually trying it out on the golf course by yourself.

Increased Spin Rate of a golf ball

To continue along with the additional distance, you might discover that low compression golf balls are also capable of also spinning at a higher rate. This is, in fact, good news for numerous players. Additional spin does not just help players hit the golf ball high into the air but quickly stops the balls the moment it lands.

Numerous novice golf players battle to deliver enough turn to control their shots when they land, so utilizing a low compression golf ball can be the answer for this issue. However, there are a few important things to take into account and understand when it comes to spins.

For a certain something, it’s still possible to go excessively far, so you could end up with a lot of spins Additionally, the spin moves in every way, which means you won’t simply be picking up backspin instead gain more sidespin. In times that you don’t have incredible command and control over the swing across hitting zone, the sidespin that was placed in your shots might be amplified with the use of these widely recognized and used low compression balls.

increased spin

The Softest Feel

This isn’t a point which applies in all cases, yet numerous low compression golf balls give players the softest feel and greatest vibe close by the greens. This is such an incredible and decent addition, since you may not want to play a ball which works perfectly with your ultimate full swing but only to end up flat when moving and continuing in the next game.  In order for your golf ball to smoothly and accordingly work in your game, it must be an ultimate performer.

Once more, not all the low compression golf balls fit into this category or description. Nevertheless, a bigger number of them do. As you consider opting to use low compression, keep in mind that you will most likely need to discover one that feels nice overall and the one that’s soft and smooth, especially on short shots.


Low compression balls are must use types of balls in golf, but the application will still depend on the needs, purpose and preference of the gamers. There are different types of low compression golf balls top choose from, so make sure that you are getting these balls only from a legit and trusted source to avoid issues.  Thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you have enojyed the article. 

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