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So What is the Best Type of Ball?

Hi, Warren back again. So what’s the Best Golf Ball for a 10 handicap you ask? Although you will be pleasantly surprised if you are a 10 handicap golfer, it’s a good thing for you since if you are, you have a number of alternatives in terms of golf balls to choose from. You are probably a fairly skilled golfer and have a more than decent swing speed and of course, your short game will more than likely be impeccable. But let’s not let me keep you waiting. My top pick for a golf ball for a 10 handicap player is below. 

My Pick for 10 Handicap Golfers

These Callaway golf balls are world-renowned for their excellence, and because of that, the founders took great care and thought to make them. They are very soft in terms of their overall feel. This is definitely suited to all 10 handicap players. So you might as well give it try. The Callaway Chrome softs’ Core is optimized for range and shot stopping spin, enabling you to cruise further and via the lower spin that only increases the ball speed. To make the ball more consistent, they’ve added an astounding 352 tetrahedral dimple pattern on the exterior.

Onto the Rest of the Review

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As already stated most will consider you to be above average as a 10 handicap golfer. Sometimes you are just on the cusp of breaking par, while at other times you are frantically working to keep your score below 90. I use to hate those days too. Regardless, you may have met a learning block that might have prevented you from lowering your handicap. The key to getting better is to do small things like shooting for a few additional yards on your drive or getting more backspin on and around the greens.

Most if not all 10 Handicap players are considered to be decent golfers, and that group of golfers is fairly small. You however are now in that group. The ball you need provides a more realistic feel, improved spin, and can reach quite far distances. A golf ball with these characteristics will help you lower your scores. Finding the right golf ball is critical, since each golfer has different needs, with the ideal golf ball possessing a soft feel, being consistent in play, and having above-average longevity while playing.

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