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Choosing the Right Golf Club can be Difficult.

Choosing the right golf club for your budget can be a very difficult task. You always get bombarded with the sales talk. Then you end up spending a lot on a club that you probably didn’t need or one that is too advanced. To help you get a handle on how the top golf club manufacturers stack up, impartial sources review top-rated clubs for performance, quality and value. We also do this while providing you with product comparisons and user analysis to help you make the right decision. Feel free to browse our latest reviews below.

When most golfers are on the lookout to upgrade their clubs, the first ones they consider are irons, putters and drivers. Very few ever consider what wedge to get, never mind the best wedge for a handicapper. If we take a moment and try to think about this, what do you usually talk to your golf buddies about. Driving and putting right? Well I’ve decided to try and get wedges more of a topic of conversation. Let’s start by me showing you which wedges are best for mid-handicappers.