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Hi and welcome to the golf grips section. Having a good set of golf grips is crucial to your game. A high-quality golf grip will feel perfect in your hands. This should make the experience of holding a club give more of a connected feel to the head. A worn grip will slip while in flight and increase the torque of your shot. Which in turn makes the shot totally inaccurate.  New grips do not have the issue. See which of the articles you want to read below and make the right choice for yourself.

Ive been asked numerous times by friends this question “What’s the best golf ball for amateurs ?”. The logic is very simple; when it’s your ball, you will be able to play it with confidence. On the contrary,

I get asked a lot when out around the greens by amateur golfers as well as the high handicappers hoping to get thier scores down. They ask“Hey Warren, what’s the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers?”.