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Whats the right Wedge for mid-handicappers?

I get asked a lot by my amateur golf buddies “Hey Warren, what do you think are the best golf wedges for mid-handicappers?”. I then usually start by explaining what wedges are and they then ask for the quick version, as I tend to go into lengthy descriptions.  As they are my friends I smile and ignore them and carry on my explanation.

Now here is the explanation. Wedges are those types of irons in golf that’s are your go-to for short-distance shots. If you have wanted a right lift and steep descent, this is the club you need. Over the years, I have noticed that the strangest thing about the golf clubs is that people tend to talk very little about the players handicapped while taking a decision. For instance, low handicappers find clubs easily on the market, and the high handicappers are at an advantage because they are so many beginner-friendly clubs to choose from. It’s often the mid-handicappers that face the real struggle. These are golfers who can shoot from the ’80s to ’90s consistently. They need to find something that is not just forgiving but also something that is not too tough to control. 

My set of old Wedges

This is the level where they are one step closer to becoming a pro. For god sake, all they are asking for is a club that will sharpen their strikes and lower their handicappers consistently. Most of my friends who are mid handicappers continuously crib and complain, “ Warren, their needs to be a rule for choosing the wedges: it could make all our lives so much easier!” So, taking a clue, I did extensive research to put together this list of the most suitable wedges that a mid-handicapper can relay on. Trust me: these will be just right for the average golfer who is progressing steadily in the game. Tighter budget? No worries I have strived to include the affordable ones so that you don’t need to break a bank. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed with the choice presented, I have made it a point to include a detailed buying guide in the end too.

The Reviewed Products

  • Cleveland Smart Sole 3

  • Cobra King Wedge

  • Taylor Made Milled Grind Wedge

  • Mizuno S18

  • Callaway Mack Daddy 4

  • Cleveland RTX4

  • Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue X Hybrid

  • Mizuno JPX919

  • Titleist VOKEY SM6

  • Tour Edge Triple Grind Sole wedge

My Top Pick

After having personally tested fifteen different golf wedges. Some bought and some borrowed.  I have now managed to get the list down to the last ten wedges I feel you should consider adding to your collection. However, if you would rather skip the full review and just want to find out which wedge made it to number one, then wait no longer. The Cleveland Golf Men’s Smart Sole 3 Wedge is my top pick out of the best wedges for mid-handicappers. The bounce that is produced by the flange is ideal for getting out of the sand. It is a great all-round wedge. This would be a great addition to any golfers collection. 

Too Long, Didn't Read

In a rush, just want to know the products ?

The Top 5 Golf Wedges for a Mid-Handicapper

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Perfect for Game Improvement

There are two chief variants to check out- the Smart Sole 3S and 3C. The 3S comes with a 58°, and this can make an excellent sand wedge. If you need something for the greens with a lower loft, then I recommend trying the 3C with 42°. It feels more solid on the field. This can be a game-changer for those mid handicappers working on improvising their final shots. The signature Smart sole with its typical wide-faced club head is the most significant plus points.


  • Tierd Sole

    This Wedge is built for all-out forgiveness, it’s three-tiered bottom has three different initiation pads for added, better turf contact and amplified play ability.

  • Balancing Technology

    The weight from the Hosel has been redistributed for added tighter shot Dispersal.

  • Optimized Loft

    This club comes with well optimized specifications. This will help give the idyllic loft, to hit bunker and any other critical shots.

  • Smart Sole 3S Wedge

    The wider sole will help to lower your scores and make that short game of your a lot more easier.


  • You get exclusive women’s wedges in this collection which are light and convenient to handle for the female golfers.
  • Impressive short game feel makes this club give you full control of the game.
  • Weight distribution is designed such that the center of gravity is closer to the clubface. This noticeably improves your accuracy.
  • For enhancing the game experience, the sole comes with a 3-tier design


  • These might feel a little tricky to get accurate shots for the golfers trying wedges for the first time.

Premium Finish

Close your eyes and picture a subtle little lift. If a clean impact sound and a solid lift are part of your definition of a perfect short game shot, then this wedge will give you exactly that. It is not just the shots that feel smooth but also the club holds itself thanks to the use of 8620 carbon steel. Without adding to the weight, it gives a nice solid touch.


  • DBM Black Technology

    Diamonized Black Metal is a new advanced technology that add extra surface protection. This also adds extra glare reduction, which helps in sunny conditions.

  • CNC Milled Face & Grooves

    The weight from the Hosel has been redistributed for added tighter shot Dispersal.

  • Optimized Loft

    This club comes with well optimized specifications. This will help give the idyllic loft, to hit bunker and any other critical shots.

  • Smart Sole 3S Wedge

    The wider sole will help to lower your scores and make that short game of your a lot more easier.


  • This is one of the many durable wedges in the market, which can last like new even after several long practice sessions.
  • There is a neat little shallow notch on the club head, which provides a nice contact.
  • The forgiving nature of the design makes this one of the best wedges there is for the mid-handicap golfers.
  • This one comes with intricate groves that provide a neat refinement to the trajectory, and you would also be able to work on your spin.


  • This is not much of a limitation, but I found the chrome finish to be a bit too shiny and distractive on the field, especially when you are playing out there on a sunny day.

Consistency in Lifts

You get the standard, high, and low bounce variants in this model with nine bounce angles to pick from. This one is also available for both right-handers and left-handers. As always, you get to explore from a variety of club grips to add to your wedge when you choose one from Taylor Made.


  • Milled to Perfection

    The Milled Grind (MG) and HI-TOE wedges make use of cutting-edge milling methods to safeguard precise sole geometry. The result is a precisely manufactured grind on each and every wedge that produces optimal turf interaction and consistent performance.

  • Precision Weight Port

    This wedge is filled with soft red polymer. It also saves weight from the hosel which has been transferred for better centre of gravity. This allows the wedge to be more balanced, with a solid feel.

  • ZTP Groove technology

    The new ZTP groove technology, comes with many features. These include coming with a steep side walls and a sharper edge radii. This increases spin and control.


  • This is one of the many durable wedges in the market, which can last like new even after several long practice sessions.
  • There is a neat little shallow notch on the club head, which provides a nice contact.
  • The forgiving nature of the design makes this one of the best wedges there is for the mid-handicap golfers.
  • This one comes with intricate groves that provide a neat refinement to the trajectory, and you would also be able to work on your spin.


  • This is not much of a limitation, but I found the chrome finish to be a bit too shiny and distractive on the field, especially when you are playing out there on a sunny day.

Long-lasting Wedges

If you need a wedge that can bear rough handling and still shine in your golf club set like new, then these forged wedges from Mizuno can be great choices. The use of 1025 Boron carbon steel is the reason behind this durability. For solid impact, this one carries the brand’s popular harmonic impact technology. For improving the strength of the strike, there are quad cut grooves on this one. 


  • Harmonic Impact Technology

    This wedge comes ready to go with fine-tuned head geometry. This technology helps to deliver an ideal impact feel and snappy feedback.

  • Quad Cut Grooves

    It comes with superior milled narrow deep grooves. These grooves are well optimized for stronger lofts and wide. The shallow grooves are also optimized for higher lofts.

  • Grain Flow Forged

    This wedge also comes with a patented forging process, that ensures long, uninterrupted grains that aid to deliver a soft, solid, reliable feel.


  • This is one of the few wedges that give different head shapes to different loft ratings. Therefore it evens out the weight and offers you better control.
  • The other parameter that is tailored based on the design is the grind which helps provide you the versatility you might need in your club. 


  • It is hard to find a limitation with this one. If you really need one, then I could state the plain looks being one of the negatives. 

Better Spin

In terms of the grind and the groove patterns on this, the club doesn’t look like any ordinary wedge out there. While improving the spin, the club also helps obtain a reasonable control on the spin with each shot. The shaft on this was intended to be light to help you balance your swing and improve your handicap in the long run.


  • More Spin

    This wedge comes with revolutionary Groove-In-Groove Technology that helps increase spin.

  • Four Sole Grinds

    It also comes with four sole grinds. These were made to suit a diversity of playing styles, attacking angles and golf course conditions.

  • Lofts & Bounce Combos

    It comes with a varied range of lofts and multiple bounce combinations to add to your game.

  • Platinum Chrome or Black Matte

    You have the choice of two finishes. They are Platinum Chrome which is my favourite and Black matte.


  • The unique groove-in-groove component of the design is the best trait on this club, and it delivers the competitive difference in terms of an improved spin. 
  • There are plenty of grind configurations to explore.
  • Loft and range combinations offered with this one are also pretty vast. 
  • Premium finish.


  • The matte finish exterior does look great but easily starts showing signs of wear and tear. Scratches appear prominently on this one. Which is one of the reasons the Chrome finish is my pick.

The Last Five Best Golf Balls for Amateurs

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  • Visibly Enhanced Spin
  • Stops Side Spin Altogether
  • Good Height and Distance
  • Unique Dimples for Better Flight
  • Delivers Straight Trajectory
Visibly Enhanced SpinStops Side Spin AltogetherGood Height and DistanceUnique Dimples for Better FlightDelivers Straight Trajectory
Rating: 9,4
Rating: 9,3
Rating: 9,0
Rating: 8,9
Rating: 8,8
Product NameCallaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue HybridCleveland RTX4Mizuno JPX919 Golf WedgeTitleist VOKEY SM6 Tour Edge Triple Grind Sole
DescriptionThe Callaway Men's Rogue Hybrid has effectively been installed with our brand new Jailbreak Technology. Apparently, every stage of this clubs production process is different from all of the other clubs they have made since 1979.The Mizuno Golf JPX919 Wedges are a special kind of wedge that provide a powerful yet soft option to match in with the rest of the popular JPX range.The new Spin Milled 6 wedges come with new established performance increases. The increases have been made by added precise distance gapping, added spin and more versatility.The classic design draws inspiration from a tour enthused triple grind sole that removes bounce from the heel and toes.
Our Rating⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Long Wearing Forged Wedges

This is another of my favorite forged wedges for mid-handicap golfers. There is a neat chrome finish that also doesn’t show scratches easily. Besides lasting for years, these also look as good as new. The weight distribution is such that the distance of the shot becomes small with the lift made higher and straighter in the trajectory. This one comes with nice and round edges that make a solid connection to the ball. 


  • Jailbreak Technology

    this excellent wedge comes installed with groundbreaking Jailbreak Technology. This is the first time it has been done in a hybrid.

  • Hyper Speed Face Cup Technology

    It also comes with a industry-leading, Hyper Speed Face Cup. This helps to maintain speed across the face.

  • Internal Standing Wave

    The proprietary Internal Standing Wave of this wedge allows you to precisely locate the Center of Gravity with great acuracy.


  • The clubhead weight distribution on this makes it possible to tailor the sweet spot to get the desired lift for more accurate shots. 
  • There is good quality contact, which gives predictable shots. 


  • The slightly heavier weight of the club is one thing that you might notice right when you hold it. Some might find this to be a drawback when it comes to delivering all the power to improve the swing speed. 

Tour Optimized Shape

Preparing for a tour becomes so much more convenient for the mid handicappers with this club and its new and improved clubface design. This is a very versatile wedge, because of how consistently it improves the spin and the accuracy in all types of lies and surfaces.



  • Rotex Face Technology

    This technology helps to give moore consistent spin across all conditions.

  • More Shots to Play

    The four sole grinds help to give you enough versatility during play. This also helps you to execute your most challenging shots.

  • Shaped For Tour

    The Cleveland RTX 4’s has a more compact blade shape. This is due to a direct result of thorough tour feedback.

  • Unmatched Feel and Control

    New Progressive Feel Balancing Technology will take your game to the next level. It will give you an even better feel. Better consistency, and better short game control.


  • Straighter shots are possible with this thanks to the purposefully reduced offset on the wedge.
  • In terms of spin improvement, this is sure to become your go-to wedge. It is because of the brand’s all-new Rotex Face Technology for groove design.
  • There is a significant improvement in the control over the shots, which can be critical towards the end of the game, to take that winning shot. 


  • Some of the variants are a tad bit expensive for your usual practice sessions. 

Soft Feel 

If you need a wedge that gives a soft feel but a good level of improvement in the performance of your short games, then this makes a wonderful choice. The specially designed shafts on this are focused on improvement in the spin. This makes the shots feel heavier and more precise in the trajectory that you calculate and project. For added strength and stability these are made of 1025 boron infused steel. The graduated groove design on the clubhead provides a good impact and lift. 



  • Face Milling Lines

    The face milling lines were designesd to help increased surface roughness. Which helps to increase spin nearer to the green.

  • X30 Soft Stainless Steel

    Soft and well made durable metal that gives a soft feel. It also comes with chrome plating and a pearl finish to soften the glare in the sunlight.

  • Quad Cut Grooves

    The Cleveland RTX 4’s has a more compact blade shape. This is due to a direct result of thorough tour feedback.


  • This is a highly competitive performer that can consistently help improve your handicap
  • These are exceptionally comfortable to hold, and the weight distribution pattern on this one can be attributed as the main reason. 
  • For the number of options, you get in terms of the loft and other configurations. This one is priced pretty much lower than the most competing model in the category.


  • For the price, you pay the sole grind options provided are not the best in the segment.

Chic Spin Milled Wedges

You get to choose from steel and graphite variants. There is a difference in the weight of the club that can show a huge difference in the game. In terms of the control both of these feel more or less similar, however. The distance of the shots can be accurately planned with this one because of the easy to understand the positioning of the center of gravity. The accuracy of the design and the attention to the details can be seen in the groove spacing and the edge sharpness as well. This is one of the models that comes with plenty of customizable configuration choices as long as you have a little extra budget to spare.



  • Bobs Tour Proven Grinds

    These grinds will enable you to have a more enhanced shot versatility to fit your swing type and for any kind of course condiition.

  • Inspected Grooves

    The inspected grooves feature adds a new parallel face texture that creates a more consistent groove edge and more acute quality tolerances for a better spin.


  • This is one of the best Titleist wedges in the market if spin enhancement is part of your performance goal. This is due to the use of the TX4 grooves on this one. 
  • The CG on this is designed in such a way that the weight lifts nicely based on the type of impact you make with your shots. Therefore, the performance of the club improves, and you do not have to alter your swing to suit the results. 


  • This falls in the expensive wedge’s category for mid handicappers 

Affordable and Durable

There is a solid feel and stability that this wedge imparts to your strike. This can permanently change the way you maneuver your wedges for the short games. There is no bounce that you might feel from the unwanted spots like the toe or the heel. This removes deviations in your shot from the calculated trajectory. There is a good utilization of the clubface space to deliver impactful CNC grooves.  


  • Triple-grind sole

    This wedge comes with a triple-grind sole that helps to get rid of any bounce from the heel & toe.

  • Two finishes

    You can have this wedge in a choice of two colors. Classic stainless steel OR black carbon steel.

  • The classic pear shape design

    This wedge also features a tour inspired triple grind sole. It is designed to help in different areas to help improve workability and shot making.


  • This is one of the best wedges if you need something that is perfectly weight balanced for better control of the swing.
  • You get a handful of customizable shaft flex, loft, and other parameters even at such a reduced price.
  • This one comes with the classic tour friendly pear clubhead design. 


  • For the price, the simple looks cannot be cited as a big drawback. There is nothing much you would hate about this wedge. It simply does what it promises. 

Buyer’s guide

Choosing Golf Wedges for Mid Handicappers

Once you have a list to choose from, it would be good to know the parameters that really matter when it comes to buying a golf ball as a beginner. 

Consider the Bounce of the Wedge

This depends on what kind of strike you make. Do your shots sweep smooth without a trace? Do your shots dig a deep bit of turf with the shot? If you belong to the first category, choose a lower bounce and pick a higher bounce if you belong to the second category. The angle between the point of interaction with the ball and the leading edge is what bounce is about. This angle influences the spin of the ball and also the amount of control you have on your strike.  

Choose the right type of wedges

The type of wedge is often labeled based on the loft angle. You might need a combination of all types of wedges when your handicap falls in the mid-level.  


It is possible to find a reliable performer below $50 or even splurge on one that is close to $200 per wedge. The price is not related to performance. You simply have to find the desired configuration and then decide on a budget. 

You cannot Ignore the Looks

Holding a stylish looking wedge does make the game seem more interesting. This is why I have picked mostly the good-looking wedges in the lot. 

Let me answer your questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Pitching wedges, gap wedges, sand wedges, and lob wedges are the most popular ones in the market. These come with lofted angles 45-48, 50-52, 54-57 and above 58 respectively.

The shaft length on these clubs is the shortest with the loft higher than the other clubs. These are the traits of the construction that make the clubs accurate. Therefore, when you have reached a stage where accuracy and the number of strikes matter, you might find it beneficial to use a wedge.  

This determines the type of contact that happens between the clubhead and the surface. Depending on the surface that you often play on, you would be able to choose a suitable grind for your game. There are 5 types of grinds commonly offered by most manufacturers, L, K, F, S, and M. 

The number of grooves and the patterns often influence the traction that the ball gets and can intricately influence the trajectory. These form interesting elements of aesthetics, but they are much more than that. There are restrictions on the volume of groves allowed in the design.


Finally, when you are a mid-handicapper working on your performance improvement, you need a durable club that offers complete control. You need to look out for versatile brands. Companies such as Tour Edge offers some of the most super affordable models which are at par with the best-rated ones in terms of performance. Options like the Titleist VOKEY SM6, if you are looking for a wedge that you can stick to for years. 

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