What is a Wedge in Golf?

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Are you one of those people who are looking for answers on what’s a wedge in golf? Good news because you’re not alone!

Visualize selecting out the ideal golf wedge and noticing immediate enhancements on the golf course when hitting out, pitching, and chipping of sand bunkers. It does not work like that at all times. However, golf wedges could be purchased with special modifications that fit your golf game best to help you outshine in your quick game.

There are four main types of wedges. A good wedge plays an important role in posting low scores. You will find that the majority of shots during a round are from within 120 yards, with drivers now hitting the ball so far. Today, there are a plethora of sets sold only up until the pitching edge. The manufacturers know you might wish to pick your lob wedges, gap, and sand. Hence, there’s a broad spectrum of options to choose from.

In this post, I will highlight what a wedge in golf and everything you need to know is. Are you ready? Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is an A wedge used for golf?

In case you didn’t know yet, it is a type of golf club, which is another name for the gap wedge. That type of golf club utilized for a softer and shorter shot and considered one of the four major types of edges.

A golf manufacturer might determine this wedge through stamping an “AW” or “A” on the sole close the toe of the club. These days, a club is becoming more typical to stamp the wedge’s degrees of loft.

Do you know what the letter “a” stands in A wedge? That stands for either attack wedge or “approach.” You might notice a manufacturer utilize one of such names rather than using A-wedge.

As I mentioned earlier, it is another name for the wedge gap. It is a club considered by more many names than any other modern club in golf such as approach wedge, attack wedge, a-wedge, or gap.

The purpose of the selection of names and versatility of attack wedge is because of the past of golf clubs changing to add more particular clubs for various scenarios. For instance, the pitching wedge in a standard 8-club set was the last club.

A player was left with a big gap in loft between the sand wedge and pitching wedge if he added a sand wedge to his bag.

What is the degree of an A wedge?

You know already what “A” pertains to Approach Wedge. It is typically a similar type of club as a Gap Wedge. It is the club to connect the gap among a Pitching Wedge (at least 48 degrees or less) and a Sand Wedge (normally 56 degrees).

Hence, you must expect the loft to be at least 52 degrees. Four degrees is the normal change in the loft from one iron to the next.

What are the different golf wedges?

You will find a set of clubs included when golfers purchase a set of golf clubs. One of them is the pitching wedge. But it’s not the only available wedge in the market. You will find three other types: gap wedges, lob wedges, and sand wedges. Each of these types of wedges has various degrees of loft that have various degrees of loft and are utilized for numerous purposes.

Each of these types of wedges have various degrees of loft that have various degrees of loft and are utilized for numerous purposes.

Lob Wedge

Lob wedges aren’t included in many golf club sets and must be bought individually. They have the best lofts of any of the wedges (at least 60-60 degrees). The majority are useful in scenarios around the green, which call for exact shots.

This type of golf wedges is practical in scenarios in which golfers must smash the ball and have it lift into the air faster.

Sand wedge

This is made to help golfers target the ball out of trenches or sand traps. Nonetheless, they are versatile clubs. Golfers utilize them no matter if they are striking from the rough, fairway, or sand.

Sand wedges typically have a loft of at least 54-58 degrees. Many golfers hit it around ninety years, along with regular golf swing. This type of wedge is also shorter compared to other golf clubs, helping golfers spin on the ball.

Gap wedge

This type is the second least loft of all wedges. They are at least 46-54 degrees and are meant to be utilized on shots, which are very short for a pitching wedge.

The majority of golfers hit gap wedges at least 90-110 yards. The golf ball must hover high when hit properly with a gap wedge. Take note that these don’t come with an average set of golf clubs.

So, before you choose a gap wedge, make sure you check the loft of the pitching and sand wedge. Keep in mind that your gap must have a loft, which is among the two.

Pitching Wedge

Ultimately, it has the least loft of all. The loft of such kinds of wedges is between 44-50 degrees. It’ll pop into the air and transport from nearly 110 yards to 140 yards when a golf ball is hit with a pitching wedge.

Take note that this type is often utilized by golfers who are trying to target the green.

What is a 52-degree wedge called?

Are you still wondering what’s a wedge in golf? Well, I hope you know more now atleast. A 52-degree wedge is also referred to as the gap wedge. This type of wedge has at least 50 degrees. It acquires its name as it fills in the “loft gap” between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.


Do you know now, “what’s a wedge in golf?” I congratulate you on completing today’s what’s a wedge in the golf guide.

Today, I have covered the various types of wedges you could have in your golf bag from the lob wedge, gap, wedge and sand, and pitching wedge. I hope you finally found the answer to your question earlier on what’s a wedge in golf.

Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore