Golf Shoes: How to Choose the Best One?

Need Help Choosing some Golf Shoes?

Golf shoes, back when i started to play golf at first were uncomfortable and heavy. However, over time they have been modified to make the shoes look good, lightweight, flexible and suitable for the course. Some have benefits for a better swing and stance.

In addition, we must consider that, as in all sports, golf clothing must be perfect for a better game. The games last about 5 hours and you walk 5 miles, so the shoes should not only be an accessory but should provide the necessary comfort.

Types of Golf Shoes

Besides the model, the sole is also important and there are several types of these:

  • Traditional: These soles have metal or ceramic studs. They are very hard and for more than a decade it has been proven that they damage the floor of the courts, which is why they were banned and the big brands no longer sell them.
  • Soft cleats: Unlike the traditional ones, these cleats are made of rubber. Being the most common today, these types of soles revolutionized the footwear industry, thanks to their wide range of design options. In addition, they proved that they do not damage the floor of the courts.
  • No cleats: They are the most versatile of the three, as thanks to the fact that they have no cleats at all, they can be used on and off the pitch. Although they do not cling to the ground, the materials they are made of are capable of giving stability and firmness.
  • Classics: Like golf, these shoes are elegant and similar to dress shoes.
  • Sport: Just like a sports shoe, their appearance is very casual. Perfect for younger players, they are made of very comfortable materials.
  • Sandals: At the hottest time of the year, this type of golf shoe is the perfect shoe for a game, it is a sandal molded for this sport.

These soles are breathable and waterproof. The caps on the golf shoes are interchangeable to mould to soft and hard ground.

image of a womans golf shoes

How to choose a good one?

As we know, shoes are a plus in the performance of our game, when we worry about our shoes, we ask ourselves how do we choose the right one? For this, we must take into account that a game of golf lasts several hours and that you will probably walk a few kilometers.

Thanks to a large number of models of golf shoes, there are several basic recommendations to follow so that you can find the best one:

The quality of the leather: If you like the best quality, the most recommended is to bet on cowhide shoes, as they are more comfortable, waterproof and of better quality than synthetic leather.

5 Questions to ask yourself when choosing Golf Shoe

Fits Your Foot

Just like the shoes we wear on a daily basis, golf shoes should fit your foot perfectly so that when you are on a game you get the most stability and in no way feel uncomfortable about your footwear. Try the shoes on before you buy, and always keep in mind to use a last to give the best fit to your feet.


We know that golf is one of the sports with more monetary demand, therefore, the price of the shoes ranges from 80 euros. Of course, the highest quality, most durable and most beneficial shoes for our feet will be the most expensive.

How often do you play?

If you play often, you can’t hesitate to bet on the best quality shoes, since they will give you the use you deserve. On the other hand, if it is not enough to play or just for fun, buy some that are of good quality, but may not be the best.


One of the most important features when buying a pair of shoes is this. Some shoes have this guarantee, so you should always be aware of this great detail.


As with all things we acquire, the care of it is very important. In addition to using lasts in your shoes, it is essential to clean them at the end of each game, even with a towel.

Available brands in the market

For golf shoes, although they are not the most commercial, there are several brands on the market:


  1. Adidas
  2. Callaway
  3. Taylor Made
  4. Nike
  5. Ecco
  6. Footjoy
  7. Ashworth


adidas golf shoe

How do you know which type to choose?

In addition to the characteristics already mentioned, the shoe is strategic, you must feel comfortable mainly. By getting to know yourself in the game and in the positions when you swing, you will be able to perfectly discover the shoe of your convenience. The colors and type will be chosen depending on your personality and choice. The shoe is as important as the golf club

Women's Golf Shoes

Unlike men, women not only seek to feel good, but it is basic to look good. That’s why many brands offer different types of cuts, equally comfortable, for women to choose from. A great variety of colors and designs can be found in stores.

Men's shoes

Most men are looking for comfort when buying a shoe, especially if we talk about having to wear it for many hours. Choosing the right shoes will benefit the player mentally in his performance.

Feeling good, you have more confidence, so the variety of shoe models available. The shoe on the right foot will help with the player’s balance, posture, and position.

The colors work in a psychic way on a player or a team. That’s why it’s strategic to choose a good shoe color.

Cheap golf shoes?

The cheapest on the market are those made of synthetic leather. You should try which one fits your foot best and check the benefits of it without getting carried away by the relatively low price.


I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. I dont tend to write about golf shoes that much and they are deserverdley a very inportant part of your game. If you have any questions on the subject feel free to drop me a message on the contact page. 


Warren belmore

Warren belmore


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