16 Golfing Mistakes &
16 Tips on how to avoid them

Which Golf Mistakes do you make?

Hi again, im back with 16 golfing mistakes and 16 tips to help improve your game. All for free ofcourse. So you have certainly set yourself one or two goals that you want to achieve within your game. To help you to work on the right things from the beginning, I have listed 16 typical mistakes made by golfers that I observed again and again over the years. I certainly want you to avoid these mistakes. As always you will find tips on how to avoid these mistakes or what you should possibly change in your training or golf game. From short game, to tactics. And I am sure you will recognize a few mistakes you have made in the list. Lets begin. 

Here they come, the 16 golf mistakes you should avoid in 2020.

lets break those bad habits

Short game

Short Putts are Pushed Past

You miss short putts between 6 and 7 feet because your aim is not good.
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The Fix

Align the ball with the writing to get better alignment and learn AimPoint! A revolutionary green reading system. Easy as pie and super successful!
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Too Many Three-Putts Happen on the round

Your average first putt on the course is over 30 feet. This putt is not close enough to the hole to play a safe two-putt. You lack a sense of length.
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The Fix

Use the "no three-putts" exercise.
You only need one ball on the putting green.
Find a point 15 meters from a hole.
Try not to play a three-putt 10 times in a row or the ball row.
More on Putts

Chipping with the sand wedge

You hit your chips too bad and inaccurate.
You use the sand wedge too often, even though the putter is the better and safer choice.
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The Fix

Use the putter from the green.
Use your normal set-up as you would when putting.
Hold the putter slightly in the air to prevent it from sticking. Make your normal movement.

Pitches fly too short

You play most pitches too short to the flag because your swing is slowed down before the impact and you don't pull the club through.
You often use your lob wedge, which I think is the worst club on the golf course.
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The Fix

Use your sand wedge for pitches.
Swing further forward than you swing.
When practicing and on the course, always play the ball behind the flag.
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Bunker shots have no consistency at all

You overturn or fatten your bunker shots too much, so you either end up behind the green or in the bunker.
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The Fix

Take a set-up as for a pitch (alignment parallel, the ball is slightly left of center, clubface slightly open).
Swing the club through the sand at high speed. This is the key to bunker shots.
Hit as hard as you can into the sand and swing further than you usually swing.
At the end the weight should be on your left foot.
We all pick up bad habits as we learn due to many reasons. This doesnt mean we have to continue using those bad habits, especialy when we realise we are doing them. Stamp it out, be a better player.
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Warren Belmore

Bad Habits were made to be broken

Long Game

number 6

You strike your irons too imprecisely

You don't know your stroke lengths.
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The Fix

Get to know the average length of your clubs to increase your accuracy for your all round game. Once you know the average length, choose an appropriate club for your height.
lucky number seven

Your ball slices away to the right

Your ball slices very hard (starts to the left of the target and then spins hard to the right).
The longer the club you use, the stronger the right spin.
Unfortunately, slices always cost you a lot of length.
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The Fix

First check your grip!
Usually the left hand (on a RH) is too far to the left of the grip.
The angle between the back of the left hand and the left forearm should be as large as possible, so that the ball is more likely to get a hook spin.
A hook flies more consistently and above all does not lose as much length. If you want to check out more info on slicing go over to golfers digest.
the number 8

Your shots into the green remain too short

Most of your longer shots into the green stay too close to the flag or even in front of the green.
Most of the obstacles lurk in front of the green (golf course architects know about this weakness).
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The Fix

Always try to play the ball so that it theoretically flies behind the flag.
Then even balls that are not ideally hit are on the green or the flag.
Well hit balls are then just "behind" the green. But on the green!

Use a birdie book on the course

You don't analyze stroke length and tactics for single strokes accurately.
Many of your shots are badly placed or even played too short or too long.
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The Fix

Use the birdie book of the course for your shot planning.
Apply the 80/20 rule. You should be at least 80% sure that you have mastered the shot you are about to hit. If your own safety is below 80% let it go!
Tactics are very important to any game. The mistakes listed below are usualy signs that mean you have not came up with the prior tactics needed to help your game.
Warren Belmore

mistakes & tactics dont go hand in hand


Never Making a hole tactic

You almost always use the same clubs on the round.
You always play the ball "forward" without checking from where the next ball is to be played. Hover or Click for Fix

The Fix

Before each shot, check from where you want to play the next ball, possibly to avoid obstacles or to avoid unwanted positions and lengths.
the number 11

Fairway woods or irons from the tee

Except on par three holes, you almost always automatically knock the driver off the tee.
The driver is the most error-prone and imprecise club and causes many strokes, too high scores and lost balls
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The Fix

In addition to a fairway wood, use a rescue or iron from the tee to get the ball into play, especially on difficult courses, and then continue playing safely and without stress.

lets go through your own training on the range

Your own training

the number 12

You hit one ball at a time on the range with no real aim

Mistakes keep creep in.
Even worse, wrong movements are deepened more and more.
Furthermore, hitting off the mat does not lead to training in aiming and aligning.
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The Fix

Divide your training:
one part conscious technique training.
one part targeted place training.
This place training can be perfectly done with my beloved ball rows:
Row of balls means that you aim for the 100-meter sign, for example. The first ball should be hit as close as possible to the sign. The next ball should be a bit shorter, the next ball shorter again and so on until the last ball only has to be chipped 2 meters.
If a ball flies further than the previous one, then you have to start again from the beginning
Optionally you can also play from short to long or from side to side. this way you stay on your mat, but you have to prepare yourself anew for each ball You will notice that you enjoy training more and that you are much more concentrated
the number 13

Listen to other amateurs, not everyone

The game is far too subjective and every golfer thinks he's doing it right. However if you follow good standard of etiquette. This kind of problem would not tend to comeup.
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The Fix

Don't listen to others. And certainly not your partner or friends!
Only your pro. Or someone like myself who has a wealth of experience. No one else!
More on Golf Etiquette
the number 14

You don't train enough and expect too much

You train little or not at all, but you expect world-class performance on the golf course.
But how does that work?
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The Fix

Lower your own expectations and play golf without expectation!
Find a training partner with whom you can book a weekly coaching session.
Even better, find a training group of 4-6 people of your playing level. The training in pairs or in a group is more fun and the inner bastard has no chance anymore!
Always remember - training is constant but not perfect!
the number 15

Start immediately - without warming up

The game is far too subjective and every golfer thinks he's doing it right.
You go straight from the parking lot to the first tee and then hit two balls with the driver to warm up or as a mulligan.
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The Fix

Warm him up! I know you'll think, what will the others think of me! But, hey, what does it matter? Just do your warmups.
It gets your body in the right mood for the round of golf, gives you a better feel for the ball and more power on the course.
At the very least, you should get yourself in the mood for the round with a few easy and small shots on the range. This is the least you should do for your body and your game.
last 16

Your clubs are not fit

Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, the right club with the best possible specifications (shaft, grip, etc.) can be fitted and built for every golfer. Better yet, if you want a guide on clubs check out our Best Wedges for mid-handicappers article. So no more excuses guys.
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The Fix

Get your clubs fit for the new year by an expert or at least have your existing ones checked.
Especially with the woods, enormous length gains are only possible with the right club.
Have the loft and lie of your irons checked once a year.
This also applies to the putter. The club that is most neglected. Get this one in shape too. It's worth it.


I hope that you found going through these 16 golf mistakes and each of thier fixes. This list by no means is most extensive because everyone will generaly have the same kind of problems but just differing varients. As long as you focus on getting the basics right, you will be able to remedy most if not all mistakes.  I hope you enjoyed reading this article. 




Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore

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