5 Reasons Your Slicing Your Shots

Still Slicing those Shots?

I have 5 reasons you could be slicing your shots. We will aim to fix these at the end of this article. Have you ever gone to the local course with your friends and you decide to take the first shot? You approach and assume your stance, you wait for the wind to die down a bit and you take your shot and slice into the air, you missed it. Some poor golfers’ experiment for extremely long amounts of time, trying to correct their swings and get rid of the dreaded slice.

What you need to remember is that golf since its inception has not really changed that much over the centuries. Of course, technology has almost completely taken over golf. However, the way that you go up to the ball and hit it, is still the same as it was years ago.

The next thing you need to remember is that overthinking is a major blocker in golf. Try to not over-focus on every single twitch your body makes. This to you forming bad habits and overcompensating in you’re the way you play. Your aim should be to just relax, always have fun and practice as much as you afford to.

Reading Time: 7 Min

Lets begin.

Don't grip the club too tight or loosely.

Many golfers when starting out face the issue of either gripping the clubs too tightly or loosely. Lucky for you it’s an easy thing to fix. Tom Watson explain it well here. This is another cause of over-analyzing every shot.  You start to be unsure of yourself, and before you know it, you’re slicing the living hell out of the poor golf ball into the brush. All due to you holding your club too tightly or loosely. If you can find a local driving range. You will soon be able to remedy your gripping issue. This is done by testing out different grips until you find one weighted enough for you to hold it just right. Once this is done you then start to look at the way you are hitting the ball. There is a whole world to knowing how to hit a golf ball correctly.

Align those shoulders correctly.

Now for me personally shoulder alignment was an issue for a long time. I would always shift my alignment as I was going to swing, which would mess up the shot completely, and you guessed it, this led to “sliced” shots. I then met a local trainer, while out on the course. A few sessions with him and I knew what I was doing wrong straight away. Shoulder alignment is a problem for many golfers I’m sure. Essentially, you need to remember that your shoulders should be aligned with the target. You have to try and envisage where you want the shot to go, and align your shoulders correctly. Sounds simple, that’s because it actually is, I was just stupid and struggled for a short while with it. This doesn’t mean you have to as well.

Are you holding the club correctly?

Some beginners struggle to hold a golf club correctly. Ideally, you should be holding the golf club with your left hand, as well as doing that you should have your left thumb pointing towards the ground. Move your right hand, and place your left thumb into the palm of your right hand. It’s literally as simple as that. I guess you know what happens if you don’t hold your golf club correctly, you get a “sliced shot”.

Make sure your feet are correct.

If you stand too far in front of the ball you could cause slicing. Vice versa, if you stand too far behind the ball, you can also cause slicing. Your leading foot needs to be in line with the ball. Your posture must be relaxed. Try your best to not reach for the ball or stand too close to it. In this case, practice makes perfect. Try and get to your local golf range and try standing at different lengths away from the ball. Follow these tips and you will soon see a difference in your swing and the distance of your shots.

Is your swing correct?

Swinging your club may seem fairly straight forward but is your swing correct? Try doing these short routines to avoid slicing your shot. You must swing your club straight backward and straight forward. You must make sure that you follow through each shot. Most of the time, slicing occurs when the club starts doing an inward or outward arc as it slopes to meet the ball. You have to focus on getting your swing to be as even and clean as possible


Well I hope you have found this article helpful. Hopefully these tips will help someone who has been struggling with slicing. If you have any questions on slicing or any issues you feel you might have around it. Get in touch on the contact page.