Six Fullproof Ways To Prepare For Any Golf Tournament!

6 tips to get you ready for most tournaments

Hi again, im back with a little guide to help you understand the fundamentals to training for a golf tournament. I have entered a few in the past, only local to my state (California). Playing your first golf tournament can be a real challenge because every shot has meaning. Are you familiar with the famous quote by Bobby Jones which says: “There is golf Mallorca and then there are golf tournaments”? What he means by that is that there is always a lot of pressure before such an event, whether you are a professional or amateur golfer.

And if it’s your first golf tournament, your nerves will be shot to pieces! But you must try to stay calm, because you certainly don’t want a false picture to emerge. I will give you a few tips to help you get ready for the big day and make sure everything goes smoothly.

Sounds simple, but Avoid Stress!

Lets begin with this one

Even if it seems unimportant to get something done at the last minute, it can be stressful. That’s why the first thing you should do the day before is to prepare your golf bag and make sure you have everything you need so that last minute preparations don’t make you nervous. On the day of the golf tournament, all you have to do is pick up your bag and pack it in the car.

Also, remember to be on the golf course in time so that you have time to get in the mood. And of course, you should be at the tee a little before the scheduled time, at least 10 minutes earlier. You will see how these little details will help you feel good, I guarantee. This all falls under the umbrellla of golf etiqutte on your part. Because as we all know good golf etiquiette is not only towards other players but to yourself and the game ultimatley. 

Prepare your Tee Shot

Get a map of the golf course so you know exactly where you are and where your hole is. It is not the same if you start at hole 1, or at one that is far away at the other end. This makes a big difference.

You will see 4 players at different tees starting at the same time. But it is also possible that someone starts 10 minutes later… Don’t let this stress you out! This is what happens when the holes on the course are doubled up, then two groups of four players start from the same holes at 10 minutes intervals.

And don’t forget to wait for the shot, the horn or whatever sound you have to hear at all holes, that means you can start … The tournament has started!

Tip Number 2!

Plan your Shots

Tip 3#

Inexperienced golfers often try a shot that allows the greatest distance. But in many cases this is not the best option, especially in long tournaments. If this is the case with you, I recommend a different strategy so that you don’t get tired or lose strength and concentration so quickly.

For example, assuming that you need two putts on each green for a good result, the plan for a par 5 hole could look like this

  1. On the fairway…
  2. Drive: on the fairway
  3. Shoot: on the green
  4. Stroke: near the hole
  5. Hit: in the hole

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Tees (tee 1 and tee 10)

For a golf course, this is undoubtedly the most difficult modality to implement. You must play very accurately or hit short on both tees, these are your safest options.

If a golf course chooses this teeing method, the start time is controlled very carefully, also because it is quite risky. Sometimes there are problems, for example, it can happen that 3 games wait because tee 10 cannot play because tee 1 was too slow.

But what you usually find are successive tee times at Tee 1 and Tee 10 in 10-minute intervals starting at 9:30 am and then there will be a second start time, after the time it takes for a round of 9 holes.

For example: …if it takes about two hours to tee off for nine holes, it looks like this:

Tee 1 – Tee 10: 9:30 every 10 minutes

Tee off: Tee 1 – Tee 10: 11:30/ every 10 minutes

So the last round starts at 13:30 and all players are finished at 15:30

Tip 4#

Tip 5#

Find out the Game Form of the Golf Tournament

With a probability of 95%, the single modality is therefore played Stableford. In this form of play, the game is played on points. You get more or less points depending on how many strokes you have used per hole.

Another form of the game is the Stroke Play, which is mainly played by experts and golf professionals. In this game, all required strokes are counted and the ball cannot be picked up like in the Stableford counting game. For your first golf tournament, I do not recommend this modality, as it can be quite difficult.

Do not forget to eat and drink

When you are excited, it can happen that you even forget to eat and drink. This is very important, especially if the tournament has been going on for a while, because, as I mentioned earlier, when the body lacks energy, the concentration also decreases.

If you can imagine that you are one of those people who forget to eat, then put some bananas, nuts and a bottle of water in your golf bag so that you can’t miss them. You can put them in the side pocket or the front pocket where the tees are, for example.
What else you should definitely take with you: Gloves, sunscreen, towel, ball marker… All these things can be important when you play your first golf tournament.

I am sure that these tips will help you make your first golf tournament a success. I also recommend that you try to be patient. Forget everything that went wrong, try to learn from your mistakes and focus on the positive experiences of the day.

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I hope you can see that this was not meant to be an extensive guide on how to prepare for every single tournament with thier on individual quirks. It was more of an overview to help you get the basics of what you need to start focusing on in order to prepare for a local or international tournament.  If you have any question drop me a message i always aim to reply in around 24 hours.


Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore