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Better driving has become one of the key elements for good golf today. That, the short game and especially putting are still important. And I am one of the biggest fans of the short game. Not for nothing, my blog is called “Warrenstotalgolf”. And believe me, my friends and family can tell a thing or two about my passion for the short game. But the importance of the drive for your game increases from year to year. And that’s exactly why I want to give you three tips for better drives in this article.

Today, I am attaching more and more importance to the drive and lag putting.  Lag putting is an long shot or putt., which the golfer normaly does not expect to make. Due to my new increased interest in these two areas of golf, that’s mainly why I want to give you three tips for better drives and lag putts. You will able too immediately incorporate into your game on the course.

1st Tip for the course: Aim Better

My creed for the set-up is: Start with 0 errors. And aiming is an extremely important part of the set-up. My experience is that most golfers only look for a rough target. “That tree back there” or “Just middle of the fairway” and the like are statements that I hear again and again when I ask where to go. The problem with this is that our brain works best when it can aim at a target that is as small and precise as possible.

In addition a little story by Ernie Els.

Ernie Els starts working with a mental coach. They go to the range and Ernie starts to hit balls. After 10 balls the mental coach asks him where his goal would be. Ernie says he’s aiming for the tree at the end of the range. After 10 more balls, the mental coach asks him if he is aiming at the left or the right half of the tree. 

Answer Els: The left one. Another 10 balls later the mental coach asks him again. Whether he would target the big branch or the small branch on the left half. Answer again: The small branch of course. 10 strokes, next question: Which leaf on the branch he would have targeted. 

Answer Ernie: The one hanging down like this. During all these questions Els was wondering what the doc wanted from him and now it’s bursting out of him: Why the hell would he ask him those strange questions about the target. Whereupon his caddy starts to laugh out loud and remarks: “Boss, haven’t you noticed how after each question your punches have become more precise?

So my first tip: Find the smallest possible target on the horizon. For example, a branch on a tree, or even better, a leaf on a tree. Like Ernie Els did in that example.

2nd Tip for your training: Hit the Corridor

For the professionals, length before precision. For amateurs: precision is king! Because the more fairways you hit, the easier the next shot will be for you! And the more relaxed you can play. Now you cannot stand on the first tee with a bucket of balls and try to hit the fairway as often as possible. 

Therefore my tip: Simulate the fairway on the range. Find a corridor of about 25 – 35 meters wide. It is best to use two distance signs on the left and right of the range. Now pick 14 balls. Why 14? Because. On a normal par 72 course you have 14 tee-offs at par 4 and par 5 holes. Now hit these 14 balls with your full routine and count how often you hit the Corridor Carry. If you hit the Corridor Carry less than 7 times, be sure to visit your trusted pro and work on a drive. The goal is to hit at least 10 fairways.

3rd Tip for your Swing: Rhythm

“Rhythm is a dancer” is a chart hit from my youth and what is true for dancing can’t be wrong for the drive. The better your rhythm, the better your swing, the more precise your drives. Every golfer has a different rhythm. One is faster, the other slower. 

This is simply a question of type. So find your own rhythm. Either through a melody that you take with you or, for example, a word that you recite to yourself. What works very well is this: Co-ca-Co-la before. Here “Co” is the 9 o’clock position in the backswing, “ca” would be the highest point in the backswing, “Co” the impact and “la” the finish.

But the most effective for me was counting. Try to count from 1- 5 when you hit the driver in the next practice session.

1 – Putting the club on the ball

2 – 9 o’clock Backswing

3 – Top

4 – Impact

5 – Finish

If you count like this, here’s what’s gonna happen:

  • You’re mentally exhausted. At least if you are a man (I definitely feel that way). And this is not meant badly at all, but meant completely seriously, but you are totally focused on yourself.
  • Your swing is getting better! Because the better the rhythm of a movement, the better the movement as such.
  • You will accelerate the club evenly. Because the down swing (4) is twice as fast as the back swing (2-3) in this count. So you are accelerating the club and this coupled with a better movement will result in longer and straighter drives.

More on Improving your Golf Swing Rhythm


I hope you have enjoyed this article. I have enjoyed writting it. Just take a moment to try to incorporate my three tips into your game. On the court, you should remember the story of Ernie Els and pay attention to your rhythm. On the range, the corridor is a constant companion on every drive from now on.

I wish you a lot of fun and above all many great drives!


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Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore