A few tips to help your ball positioning.

How do you position the ball?

If you ask any pro golf player about the position of the ball and he or she will reply in no uncertain terms that the position of the golf ball is extremely important. Almost as important as the player’s stance and the timing to make a shot successful.

Only a few players try to gauge the difference it makes between a ball that has been placed properly and one that hasn’t. Some players think that they have to place the ball and then strike it with the club. They also feel that the method and strength of striking are more important. Did they ever stop to think what if the club swings through its arc and misses the golf ball altogether? Or consider what if the club swings and throws up a tuft of turf? This usually happens due to the golf ball not being positioned properly.

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An inch or two can make all the difference

Guess what, even the variance of an inch or two can make all the difference between a successful shot and a shot you would rather forget aboutYou need to spread apart your legs to attain a perfect balance and when you do so correctly, your sternum (which is the middle of your chest) should be in the centre of your stance.  

Have you setup A symmetricaly?

If you have set up a symmetrical putting position, the putter (the object on which the ball rests) should be on the ground and directly below your chest. When using this position, the shaft of the putter should be in a vertical position. If the putter is offset slightly, you can put your hands frontward marginally. In this situation where would you put the ball?  

What about your setup?

Final Thoughts

There are different thoughts around this. The first thought opines that in this position the position of the ball should be just in the front of the putter. The differing thought is that the ball should be moved forward by an inch or two of your center-line. Both these thoughts are not the correct solution since every player has a different playing style. Some players would put their hands forward at the start of their stroke, while some would press forward at the time of taking the stroke. However, there is another twist in this setup and that is the spreading of weight between your feet. Some players are known to transfer more weight to their left foot by leaning towards the hole.

Now bear with me but, there are a lot more options that add to the confusion. There are a few different types of putter paths that comprise of “inside square inside” to “straight back and through”. If you go for the “inside square inside” the position of the ball is very critical. This is because you will have only one position option. That option is when the face of your putter will be perpendicular with respect to your line of aiming. Your golf club should hit the ball at the bottom of your putting stroke’s arc. Try to catch the ball while on the upstroke by placing it forward in your stance. This might sound complicated, but try it a few times and you will get accustomed to doing it.

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Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore