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Looking for the best Golf Swing Tips? Well youare in the right place.Golf swinging is a subject that has been talked about over and over across the world. Many have differing views and many professionals try to teach you their way of doing it. However, at the end of the day, you just have to put the work in to get the results you want. Like anything else in life, put the work in and you get results. Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed by any person of any age. The measure of enjoyment is gaged from both the ability to decrease any form of stress to your body and the skill and training to complete shots effectively.

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Learn at a steady pace.

A lot of the people who take the big leap to decide to play golf start with a lot of enthusiasm. They want to practice for countless hours day and night, so they can reach that magical place called being a “skilled golfer”. This new-found enthusiasm for practicing and trying to get to PGA Tour level is great, but it’s not the best way to ensure you learn at your pace and you understand all of the basics around golf, especially swinging.

Dont cement a bad stance.

The unfortunate thing is that, when a beginner starts, they just tend to go with whatever position or stance they have seen or heard about. The problem with this is that the beginner will end up spending too much time focusing on a swing that is wrong, and they are never going to benefit from it in the future. This kind of situation “cements” the movements into your muscle memory, which in turn will make it difficult to learn the correct movements that you should be practicing. The other thing to factor in is that an improper swing can result in you injuring yourself. Which means less time playing golf, now that is something, we for sure do not want to happen.

Watch for minor injuries.

Having an injury can be one of the most disheartening and de-motivating issues for anyone who plays any kind of sport competitively. Whether its a professional needing to stay healthy to continue earning money to support themselves. It’s critical to apply a swing form that evades putting any added strain on injury-prone parts of the body. Its very important for you to identify when you feel any pains in muscle areas or any strains. This will help stop the damage going further and you can deal with it by resting or getting some advice from a doctor if the pain continues.

Learn the theory behind the game.

When starting out playing golf, it’s highly important to start off learning about the theories behind the game and the correct rules for everything. These things are all more important than how hard you hit the ball. Not that I’m saying physical strength has nothing to do with golf, but only when the strength is used with the correct timing and judgment. You then become a real player.

Learn the correct posture.

It’s important for you as a beginner to try and find the correct posture. You do that by either reading one of our guides that will help you attain the correct posture or watch a video online if you prefer. Once you have managed to find the correct posture, you then have to stick with it. The plane of your swing needs to be identical for every shot which you play. This can only be changed when it’s necessary to alter it to cope with extenuating circumstances. If you are just beginning playing the game of golf, consulting a professional or reading a golf blog, like this one is a wise step to develop your best starting posture.

Record Yourself.

If you are more of the technical type then you could make use of cameras to film your swing. Watch what you are doing by yourself or with a professional. Then identify and work on all of the problem areas. Always remember to continue watching your video clips and pay attention to your form as you begin to play. When playing, try to keep some notes on your shots so you can review the circumstances and analyze them more fully if you are able to view yourself later. This is also a great practice to follow if you are able to take a video recording of your practice sessions on the driving range. By doing this you will be able to review and scrutinize the variances amongst the well-struck balls and the ones you don’t want to remember. 

Quality Practice

It’s important to not devote endless practice hours until you have established a comfortable swing. Adding on to that, making sure there aren’t any substantial defects in your swing which you do not want to become permanent. A consultation with a professional is the best way to recognize any noticeable defects in your swing which could lead to you losing momentum while swinging through the ball or even cause a likely injury. When these defects in your swing have been found and analysed. It’s fairly easy to correct them by re-training your muscles to do the correct swing instead of the previously wrong swing. Essentially, the quality of the practice you put in is more important than the quantity for you to attain the best and most reliable golf swing. If you feel that you can make use of professional advice and physical aids to attain a fundamentally sound swing. Then you won’t need that many practice hours to get to a stage where you have a very reliable swing. Technology is something that is now ever more present within the game of golf. The ability to go online, watch a series of videos and get started practicing is amazing. You have obviously taken advantage of this by coming to my blog to learn more about golf. 


The bad news is you may never fully achieve a perfect golf swing, even top-ranked players fail this. However, the good news is you can keep your swing in good shape once it has been developed. So, all you got to do is practice and get it to a workable level. Simply by paying careful attention to what you’re doing through the plane of your swing. Even the very best players will have times when their swing seems to have momentarily stopped working. If you find yourself reaching this stage. It’s probably a good idea to go back to the professional who helped you develop your swing in the first place. More than likely the professional will be able to help get you back on track without a lot of difficulties and help you to recover your golf swing. 

Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore