How to Clean Golf Clubs

You gotta Keep em Clean

Cleaning your clubs doesnt have to be a chore

Ask anyone who plays golf, and they will jump up and say, “Golf is the greatest game in the world!” and I have the same opinion. It’s a beautiful game and has given me so much pleasure over the years.

When I first started playing golf, it was not all pleasure, though. There are so many new terms that one has to learn and of course, so many different clubs to play with. If you are thinking of taking up golf or are a beginner, the initial days are tough. I invested a lot of money in buying a good set of clubs. It was not only the game, but it was the maintenance of the golf clubs which I found challenging and time-consuming.

I started to find short cuts and did not bother to clean the clubs thoroughly. Soon, I was playing worse than when I started. My coach and playing partner soon realized the problem and told me that it was my dirty and ill-maintained clubs which were the problem. We all know golf clubs are quite expensive, and it is to your benefit to make them last. 

Let me share everything that I have learned over the years about the process of cleaning golf clubs. Go ahead and read the article and try and follow the points given here. 

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What Do You Need to Clean Your Golf Clubs?

Below are the items you will need when cleaning your golf clubs. 

A Bucket.
Warm Water.
Soap or Liquid Detergent.
Brush with Soft Bristles.
Kitchen Paper Towel.
Metal Polish.
Soft Cloth.

Same cleaning method for all clubs?

There are golf clubs that are made of different materials, and you should be careful about the cleaning process for each one. Wooden clubs and metal clubs will react differently. I also learned over some time how to care for my clubs. Let me tell you in detail about how you should go about cleaning each club.  The guys at Madehow have wrote a decent article about the materials that go into making your golf clubs.

How to Clean Iron Golf Club Heads?

Step by Step

Dont forget those Wedges!

How to Clean Metal Woods?

The process to clean metal woods is different because you should never soak or submerge these in water. Wood reacts differently to water, and if soaked for long can expand.

How to Clean Wooden Clubs?

Wooden golf clubs are more delicate and fragile when compared to the other clubs. You should never dip these clubs in water. Even scrubbing them with a brush can cause harm. If you leave the wooden clubs wet, then they may lose shape and even rot.  

How to Clean Golf Club Grips?

The grip is very important because you cannot use it effectively if they are not in good condition. It’s sweat and dirt which causes most of the damage to the grips. Clean it with a damp cloth every time you play. Dry it completely and make sure that no water has seeped into the shaft. You have to understand that the cleaning of golf clubs requires careful handling. Treat them well and they will serve you well. 



How to Clean Golf Club Shafts?

The golf club shafts are equally important, and you should not ignore these while cleaning. When neglected, they can accumulate dirt and cause the club to become imbalanced. Use a damp cloth to clean the shafts thoroughly and dry it completely. If it remains wet, then it can expand or lose shape. If the shaft gets loose, the club may fall out or not swing properly. If you see any rust spots forming on the clubs, then take immediate action. If you let it spread then in no time, you will have to discard the club. There are some anti-rust solutions that you can use. You can even try using vinegar. Any kind of vinegar will do for this. Just apply it and leave for some time and clean it thoroughly.


Well, I hope you have found this article useful. If you chose to follow my advice and suggestions given here, I am sure your clubs will last for a long time, and your game will also improve. Like everything else in life, it requires care and effort to keep things in the best condition possible. If, as a beginner, you start taking care of your golf clubs, then it will turn into a lifelong habit. It will be great if one day, you start guiding people about how to take care of their golf clubs. Go ahead have a great day of golfing and take good care of your clubs. 


Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore