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How to drive a golf ball is a question I get asked a lot by some of the newcomers to this website. The key thing to remember is that the golf drive is the one stroke you play at least fourteen times in a golf round.  It is the stroke that you use when hitting your golf ball from the tee on par 4s and par 5s.  This part of your game is usually played using the driver. 

However, the golf drive can be done with any club in your bag, although a putter is not recommended.  The 3-wood is very often used to drive your ball because many players believe they have better control.  If you desire to put a premium on your accuracy rather than on distance, driving with an iron may be your best bet.

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Learning how to drive a golf ball

Learning how to drive a golf ball is essential to set you up for a perfect tee shot. More often than not, this stroke is the hardest stroke to master.  A golf drive requires synchronizing the proper and accurate body movement with a perfect blend of the appropriate club and a powerful swing.  These mechanics need to work together to achieve a long and accurate drive.

One of the common goals in this game of golf is to make a perfect tee shot, to hit the appropriate golf drive and to avoid the deadly slice.  Then we want to follow through and to put the golf ball in the hole using the fewest strokes per hole.  Ultimately, a golfer’s aim is to finish the round of golf with a low score.  To accomplish a decent score, you must have the skill to hit a good tee shot.  Here are several free golf tips to improve your tee shot.


The power in a golf drive starts with your posture.  Two things you can do with your stance to make improvements in your drive are as follows.  The first is to increase the distance of your feet from the ball.  The second is to keep your feet a little wider apart.  By spreading your feet apart, you will improve your balance and gain better control; this will allow you to have a short and wide swing.  As a result, you will gain control and power to make a strong drive.

Control and power are the essential elements of a good drive.  This will provide the accuracy and distance you need to score much better in each round.  Putting together accuracy and distance for that perfect golf drive is not as easy as it sounds.  Nevertheless, it is achievable.  Managing your stance and improving your power are the basics to achieving an excellent drive.  Hence, begin with these goals.


This requires you have a suitable driver in your golf bag. The best driver should be one that fits your style and your technique. Clubs do not work uniformly for everyone. Each person has a unique way of swinging each one of their golf clubs, and they get a unique result with each club. Of course, swinging your club consistently each time to get the same results is the goal for all golfers. Only then will you be able to know which club works and when.
Remember, it is the club that hits the ball. Hence, you don’t need to exert that extra power to get the job done. A good tip is to focus on your swing and not on the power that you apply to it. Hitting the ball too hard can result in a slice or an air shot, not to mention the strain that it will cause on your muscles and back. Master your stroke first and just let the club do its thing.

Finally, but not least!

Master your Grip

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The grip is considered the very basic element of your golf swing. Good shots are the result of properly handling the club. Each golfer has his or her own way of holding the club. However, your grip should be light on the club. You may try different gripes until you get one you feel comfortable with so that you can make the best golf drive possible.

Know your Limits

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Golf techniques sometimes fail because you fall short of identifying what you are capable of doing. To be able to hit that perfect golf drive, it is always good advice to know yourself first. There is no need to conform to any other golfer’s swing, notice how different the pros golf swings are. Each player has his or her own level of strength and dexterity. Capitalize on your capabilities and abilities.
Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore