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Hi and thanks for taking the time to find out the health benefits of playing golf. That right, even more reasons to get out and play. It’s well known that doing sport or any kind of exercise has very positive effects on our health. Playing golf is a practical way of keeping fit and although many believe that the impact on our physical fitness is very small, the truth is that its benefits are greater than we think. In fact, playing golf is a great way to get in shape, both individually and as a family, since, thanks to the game’s approach, it is a sport that can be played by people of all ages, from children to grandparents.

Seven Ways Playing Golf Seriously Benefits Your Health

1- Improves Cardiovascular Health

Any form of physical exercise causes increased blood flow, causing the heart to pump more blood. Simple actions such as walking, piggybacking, or swinging increase heart capacity and improve circulation. This reduces the risk of a heart attack or diabetes.
Playing golf can also be very beneficial in reducing blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, especially when combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet. As a curiosity, it has been observed that a player during an 18-hole game maintains an average of 100 strokes per minute over a period of 2 to 5 hours.

2 - Stimulates the brain

Walking a golf course is a great way to stimulate the brain, as it helps to strengthen the brain’s memory circuits. So walking the golf course is a good option to keep your heart and mind healthy. By keeping us active, the blood supply increases, causing our brain to receive more blood, which improves its functioning and prevents future problems.

3 - Helps you Lose Weight

According to specialists, it takes an average of 10,000 steps to start losing weight. An 18-hole round far exceeds this expectation, especially if we decide to do the entire course on foot instead of using the golf cart. It is estimated that in a round of 18 holes, a golf player can burn about 2,500 Kcal, if he is a man, and if he is a woman, about 1,500 Kcal.

4 - It Helps Reduces Stress

Golf is an aerobic exercise that allows us to enjoy long walks in the fresh air, stimulate our minds and provide an ideal context in which to socialize. All these actions are essential characteristics to stimulate the production of endorphins, natural chemicals present in our brain, which serve to improve our mood, making us feel happier and more relaxed.

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5 - Improves your Sleep

Sleep is more important than we think, because during the sleep phase our body not only takes care of resting the muscles, but also repairs them.

Exercise and fresh air are a very powerful combination to get a better sleep and walking on the golf course is a great training if we want to improve the quality of our sleep. It is known that doing a physical activity regularly helps us to sleep faster and for longer.

6 - It is A Low Impact Activity

Golf is considered to be a low-impact sport in the sense that players walk quietly on a smooth and pleasant surface. This feature makes golf a very popular activity for older people, as it is an attractive way to keep fit and burn calories with a very low risk of injury.

7 - It can Help Extend your Life

According to a Swedish study, conducted by Professor Anders Ahlbom for the Karolinska Institute, golfers have a 40% lower mortality rate, which corresponds to an increase in life expectancy by about 5 years.

In short, playing golf has more benefits than we thought; it is an outdoor physical activity, which allows us to relate to other people and helps us to reduce stress and improve our mental agility. What are you waiting for?


I hope you have found this article on the health benefits of golf. It wasnt to scientific as i dont feel you need to be a scientist toknow that playing golf can benefit you in multiple ways. If you enjoyed reading this article, please look below and click through to my golf tips page. You will find loads more content to enjoy. 


Warren Belmore

Warren Belmore