The Shortest Golf History

Anyone for some History?

So, I decided to do some short research into the origins of golf. Why warren you ask?, well I needed something new to write about instead of just equipment, so I thought this would be a nice change to the norm. Onto the history.

Now with every sport, there usually is a history backing it up and golf is not any exception to this. This game is different from every other sport just by the way that it’s played. There are some who call this game insane but insane or not, I have always been curious as to the origin of this great game. The history of this game is as entertaining as the game itself as you will agree when you read some of the alleged ‘facts’ that I have listed below.

Reading Time: 7 Mins

The Dutch

It’s mentioned in historical documents that the Dutch played a game similar to golf, around the year 1297. The game they played during that time involved hitting a leather ball with a stick while using a target. The player who managed to hit the target more than anybody else was the overall winner. Who knows? this game could well have led to the conception of golf as we know it today.

Golf is also alleged to be Chinese in its origins, as there are written archives from the Dongxiang records, an 11th-century book. This book makes mention of the game of the stick and the ball, but then again, this could also be taken to mean the game of the cricket or that of the baseball. Although, there is a mention in this book of a similar game, there are not many who believe that this is the precursor to golf itself. Guess what? me neither.

The Chinese

The Scottish

Some golf courses that are played on today are quite old, they are just well maintained so you would never notice the obvious decline. Unless the owners let it go into disrepair of course. However, none come as close to being the oldest golf ground as the Musselburgh Old Links Golf Course. This is the exact golf ground where the royalty in the form of Mary, Queen of the Scots, played the game of golf. Although it did lose its world’s oldest golf course status to St Andrew’s. It’s still a decent golf course if you ever get the chance to play on it.

More on the Scotts

The funny thing about this crazy game is that although most golf grounds have 18 holes to play, this was not always the case. There were a few recorded games where the number of holes went up to 22, and some of the grounds like the St. Andrews ground, were that kind of 22-hole course. This ground dictated the way that the game was played, with some of the holes being played on first and the others later.


As to whether the world believes the game to be Scottish or not, the fact of the matter is that even reading about its history is bound to leave one entertained. So naturally, the game itself would be quite entertaining to play. With the golf courses being as tricky as they are, and some of them even dictating the way that the game should be played, it is a challenge that we should all welcome!